Donation Requests

Working for more than Profits…Working for a Purpose.

Throughout the years we have been able to keep up with donation requests, but as of late, the number of requests have grown exponentially.  We would love to give to every organization, but that has become increasingly harder.   We have come up with criteria for “Giving Back”.   Keep in mind our hearts are with Children and Families.

We would like to thank you for your support and continued partnership, and are asking for your understanding as we make these tough decisions.   We thank you for making a difference in our community and we will consider your request.

Partnership Criteria

  • Must be a group, no individual requests will be accepted
  • Must affect children directly
  • Must be submitted 30 days in advance
  • Must be local

If your organization meets all of these requirements, please feel free to send us an

Email at  This email should include:

Partnership Requirements

  • Full Organization Name
  • Address
  • Person to contact
  • A description of how the money will be utilized & how will this impact children and their lives.
  • A Picture of your group & Logo and the rights to put it on our website

Again, thank you for making the decision to get your hands dirty, you will never regret “Time Well Spent”.  As a mom and dad in our community we are also very involved, we applaud your efforts.