Pool Openings & Closings


Services offered by Goodlin Pools

We proudly offer swimming pool spring openings and winter closings to make your pool ownership hassle free. We can do as little or as much as you like. Let us take the dirty work out of owning a pool.

Give us a call at 724-352-7549 to get a quote and to get on the schedule.


Pool Opening

We offer pool-opening services at very affordable rates. Due to the large volume of openings and the small window to get all of the work done we cannot guarantee a specific date or time. We typically schedule by the week. We will do our best to meet your needs. It’s never too early to get on the schedule. 724-352-7549 or email us at goodlinpoolsandspas@zoominternet.net


Our Responsibilities

Remove pool cover.

Reconnect all plumbing lines to equipment.

Place ladders and handrails.

If Water is at operational level, equipment will be started.

If a heater is present, it will be tested.

Add Shock and Algaecide 60

Customer Responsibilities

Homeowner will drain existing water and remove leaves off of the winter cover.

Homeowner will make sure equipment is accessible

Enjoy your pool

Payment should be presented day of the opening

Allow water to filter for 48 hours prior to bringing in water sample

Pricing does not include removal of leaves or vacuuming. Minor repairs under $60.00 will be completed without prior approval. Any major repairs will need homeowner approval and will result in a return service charge.


Pool Closing


Our Responsibilities

Remove ladders and hand rails.

Blow out plumbing lines and add anti-freeze.

Clean filter

Winterize the pump

Winterize the heater

Add winterizing chemicals

Put on winter cover

Customer Responsibilities

Adjust water chemistry

Indicated where equipment should be stored

Access to water and electricity

Homeowner is required to clean any debris from pool prior to service.

Payment is required same day as service

*pricing does not include removal of leaves or vacuuming


Give us at 724-352-7549 to get on the schedule, the sooner the better, we look forward to serving you.